The Mackade Brothers: Rafe & Jared

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Two beloved stories about the bold and irresistible MacKade Brothers! THE RETURN OF RAFE MACKADE Ten years after disappearing from Antietam, Maryland, the bad boy has come home. Cleaned up, successful and still dangerously good-looking, Rafe MacKade plans to open a bed-and-breakfast with the help of antique shop owner Regan Bishop. Though Regan claims to not want to get involved with a rebel, Rafe is pretty sure that her reaction to their sizzling kisses suggests otherwise... THE PRIDE OF JARED MACKADE Jared MacKade believes in taking a stand, and he never turns his back on a fight. So when his work as an attorney brings him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses aren't nearly enough to scare him off--quite the opposite. Thoughts of the outrageously direct and sinfully sexy woman keep Jared coming back for more. And the more he gets to know her, the more determined he is to always stand by her. Previously Published.
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