Take It By Force

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LEARN TO WALK IN THE POWER OF VIOLENT FAITH! Take a stand and fight back with your strongest weapon - faith. Judy Jacobs shares a message that will catapult you to a place of "violent faith" in Him - a place that is beyond wishful thinking and outside the boundaries of religion and tradition. Discover how to have faith like biblical characters such as Moses, Jacob, Joshua, and Caleb, who simply would not let go or settle for less than what God had for them. "And from the time John the Baptist began preaching and baptizing until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing..." -Matthew 11:12, NLT The biblical principles of this book reveal: Why "quick fixes" are not the answer for your difficult situations What it means to "fight the good fight of faith" The three steps to "violent faith" How to be empowered by clearly understanding Matthew 11:12 The Author(s)ity you have in Christ to take back by force what is rightfully yours God wants to do the unthinkable, the undeniable, and the unbelievable through you. Will you dare to believe Him with violent faith?
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