Perfect Harmony

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The thrill of first loves, the hope of second chances� With these two classic stories #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Author(s) Nora Roberts evokes love's most beautiful melodies. Unfinished Business Vanessa Sexton used to know what she wanted�glamour, fame and applause. At sixteen, answers were simple and dreams were cheap. But at twenty-eight nothing is easy. Not even going home. She misses her mother, but she can't even say the word mom. She wants peace and space to figure out the future, but rational thought is impossible when she's around Brady Tucker, her first love�her only love. Everyone wants a piece of her, but how can Vanessa give herself away when she's not even sure who she is anymore? Local Hero Hester Wallace is proud of her independence. She only needs one man in her life�her nine-year-old son, Radley. But when Rad starts idolizing their neighbor Mitch Dempsey, Hester begins to wonder if she's been cheating her son out of a male role model he desperately needs. Hester would do anything for Rad, but inviting Mitch into their lives is dangerous. Because she might start to rely on Mitch�on his comfort, on his humor, on his passion. Or worse, she might fall in love with him.
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