All the Queen's Men

All the Queen's Men

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Linda Howard seamlessly melds thrilling sensuality with heart-pounding dramatic tension — and brings back the elusive hero of her smash hit novel Kill and Tell — in this powerful New York Times bestseller.

John Medina is a living legend with the CIA, a shadowy specialist in Black Ops, those operations that are never openly funded, and the details of which never see the light of day. Only few people inside the CIA know him on sight, while foreign governments offer bounties for him, dead or alive. Neima Burdock is a communications specialist for the CIA who retired from field work after the death of her husband, also an agent and under orders from John Medina. When Niema is needed in an arms deal operation headed by John she is extremely reluctant to take the job but her director convinces her. Niema and John enter the underground world of an international arms dealer and its many dangerous and glamorous intrigues. They discover a passion for each other, but will they survive the race to evade the people who are trying to kill them and transmit the documents they have managed to steal?

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    Linda Howard

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    Pocket Books

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