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Once upon a Time...

A place of magic and mystery, of learning and knowledge was needed in the town of Pflugerville. For it had none. A woman with a passion for caring decided she would open the doors. And thus, the Book Burrow came to life. It wasn't easy. She was in lockdown during the  Pandemic, having just lost her job.

Have faith, her heart whispered. She smiled and did just that. She worked and worked, carrying box after box of heavy books waiting to find a home. She knew the truth, that these books weren't used, but previously loved. Given the chance, they would be loved by someone new.

There was too much to do, so she hired another woman. A mom of a sassy cat, who needed a mentor. Lots of calls and emails exchanged, finding places to 'pop-up' to sell books. They went all over Pflugerville, selling here and there, anywhere they could.

The Book Burrow is an independent bookstore. It isn't owned by a big corporation, so people are its mission. We made it a safe space for all our friends and the friends we haven't met yet. We want them to know that this business has a heart and in Pflugerville, we couldn't say it better than Embrace your Weird. 


For books, like people, are unique with a special kind of magic all their own. It's through everyone of you that the Book Burrow lives. Books teach us about the past, the present, what was and what could be in fantastical ways.

Some day, the Book Burrow will be a real place, where you can sit with friends among the books and take a moment to get lost for a while within the pages. Until then, we will bring the pages to you. Online or at a pop-up event.  Check out our social media to see where we will be!

 If you have any questions please email us at

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